Garden rooms

Longer days and the odd sighting of the sun suggest that spring really is on its way! It goes without saying that spring and summer are a great time to have fun in the garden – and your enjoyment of this space may well only be enhanced if you have a great garden room from Green Retreats in place outside.

These garden rooms are great at any time of year, thanks to their heat-capturing features. So there’s no need to imagine that a garden room is just for warmer weather. But in the summer, with the garden around them looking extra-gorgeous, any garden room owner is likely to be thanking themselves that they went ahead and made that investment!

Sitting in an office all day with the sun outside can be a notorious bore, but with a garden room office, you can open the door onto the beauty of your own garden and enjoy this glorious natural space, even as you work. You might even be able to smell the scent of that rosebush from your desk!

With the summer holidays underway, kids will be at home more. If you have a garden room that acts as a playroom for younger members of the family, this could come into its own in the summer. It will give the kids a great spot to hang out, helping to stop them getting a dreaded summer holiday boredom attack!

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